There’s a shadow of blood

And wires and hats.

You eat your cauliflower

Mixed with nuts.

Shadows are nuts

Climbing the wall of the houses

Down the road from Marilyn

And her Monroe of plastic babies.

I’m walking passed.

Shops are full of young mothers

And new light gleams

From these new screens

While Batman fucks a child.


Pour yourself another drink.


There is a grab while we fall

And slip towards that

Unknown tomorrow.

And tomorrow and tomorrow.

There is a grab

Where tomorrow looms.

A tear for the last embers

Of that almost everlasting flame.

And another warm drink

In a shaking hand.

I grab you

And hold.

I will slip with you.

I will slip with you

While there is still something called love.

Somehow eyes do not change colour.

Or maybe they do.


Children playing games with each other.

Falling. Squealing. Their gentle hands,

Their fingers touching the grass.

The way the world is to them,

In their sweetness,

Today. Tomorrow,

Rain and tears.

A heavy world growing

Weightier with years.

You’re a ghost standing in the park

With a cigarette. Pale and thin

And tired, watching a child

On a cold, thoughtful day.